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Athletes need coaches to achieve their greatest potential. We all know this. Is it therefore not true that YOU need a coach to achieve YOUR greatest potential? You don't learn from your experience, you learn from reflecting on your experience. The 9points coaching program will guide you through reflection that will increase your awareness so you can catch yourself in your default behaviours and make choices that will lead you to the outcomes you most desire.

Team development

Give your team an engaging, enlightening and entertaining experience that will accelerate its ability to work together more cohesively thereby optimizing its performance. Participants will gain insights about themselves and their colleagues that enables them to connect on a whole new level, benefiting them both personally and professionally. The experience will have a lasting effect on the team for months and years to come.


Are you new to the Enneagram? With a 9points typing interview, you will gain a beginning understanding of this increasingly popular and powerful system for developing emotional intelligence, leadership potential and high performing teams, and most of all, clarity on where your "Home Base" is on the Enneagram map.