9points helps individuals and teams unlock their greatest potential

Why we do it

Find your place on the map:

Step into a journey towards increased self-awareness. First, by finding your place on the Enneagram map, and then using that knowledge to uncover choices you may not know you are making that are blocking you from your greatest potential.

Determine where you want to go:

Continue along the journey of integration. Imagine what life would be like if you could choose your response to any given situation. A response that leads to the outcomes you most desire.

Take Action:

The journey never ends. Apply your discoveries. Become more present to the choices you are making. Unlock your talents and gifts. And keep learning. Your path may change, but you are in the driver's seat!

How we do it


Team Development


How people feel about it

Kaylyn in a miracle worker. The way she knows how to speak gently and with purpose captures my attention in a way that I’m able to really understand the changes I can make to unlock my greatest potential

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